Mission Statement

About Mah Samin Company

For many years, all agricultural and horticultural activities in the groves were traditionally carried out. The biggest problem for palm owners was the difficulty of climbing tall palms. Most of the planting, holding and harvesting activities in the groves were done by workers in a traditional way. Activities that are very difficult and tedious compared to other gardens. Mah Samin Espadana Company with special interest in date palms after a long time of study and presence in the southern provinces and identifying the special needs of the country's dear palm growers and relying on Iranian indigenous knowledge using special industrial potentials in Isfahan to design and manufacture devices And made special machines for working in groves. With the use of these machines and devices, agricultural operations in groves have been mechanized and in addition to significantly reducing the costs of palm owners, the quality and speed of work has also increased. We want to increase the ability of our gardeners to produce quality products and move towards their greater productivity.
Be superior to Gloro ...

History, growth and development


start of work

Buy groves with 2000 palms in Jiroft

July 2015

Test the first sample of mechanized pollinator

April 2016

Making the first palm lift model

July 2017

Invention of palm pruning machine

July 1397

Elevator patent

Making finely chopped

June 1400

... New inventions are on the way

Year 1401

Be beyond expectation ...

Prospects and goals

We are going to take effective steps in the field of mechanization development of gardens and groves by increasing the number of devices. Therefore, the research and development department of our company is constantly interacting with gardeners to solve the existing problems in this field by designing and manufacturing new tools and machines. The Samad Espadana company pursues the same goal with two different approaches.
1- Designing, manufacturing and producing devices to reduce production costs in gardens and groves.
2 - Design, manufacture and production of devices to increase the income of gardeners.
The aim of both approaches is to increase the ability and superiority of dear Iranian gardeners and palm growers.
Based on the first approach, the following devices have been made so far:
1- Glaro palm mechanized pollinator
2- Glaro palm mechanical lifting machine
3- Cradle mill for date kernel and pollen extraction
4- Chachab = tool for collecting fruit under a tree
5 - Date palm hydraulic lifter (under construction)
Based on the second approach, the following devices have been made so far:
1- Chopper and shredder for palm waste
2- Crushed palm waste press machine (under design)