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Gelaro mechanized pollinator Zaya model

See the best way to pollinate date palms with the machine. In this method, you do not need to climb a tree. Pollinate the palm tree in a few seconds. Less pollen is consumed with Gelaro pollinator. Palm roasting or pollination operations are very fast, easy and very successful. Palm palm pollination should be completely dry and without moisture.

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Gelaro lift device

Gelaro tree lift has been introduced as the best-selling and cheapest tree lift for more than four years and can be considered the most suitable tree lift for all groves. The safety, comfort and lightness of this device, as well as the ability to adjust while climbing and without the need for training and skills, are all among the popularity of this simple and practical device. The simplicity of lifting Gelaro palm is such that you do not need any training.

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w It is firm under your feet

Rasool Norian

If you knew how much you loved me, you would be happy too There were a few palms, I could not go upstairs, so I had to bring one that I could. They bothered me a lot until the rate came. Now count the time to pick it. A male palm has to be climbed ten times. In short, you saved me

Shojaodin Mosavi

If my grandfather knew that one day he could sit on a chair and work on a palm tree, then he would have planted another thousand palms and I would exploit them today…

Mohsen Cheshme Shahi

Hi sir... Thank you The device is really cool 😊 We have been neglecting our tall palms for a long time .... We could not go up ‌‌ .... Now we can go up and work with this device very easily .... Thank you very much 👏👏👏👏

حبیب رئیسی میناب
Habib Reisi

It has become very comfortable and good for the worker. With this style of pollination work is very low cost, the quality of dates also improves.

Gholam Reza Salari Mechanized palm pollinator

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